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A service provided by MRB Group, dissolution consultants assisting the Lyons community

The Dissolution Committee works together to analyze potential service delivery options for the Lyons community.

Welcome to the Official Site of the Lyons Dissolution Committee.

Intended to serve as a resource for information about the process – and progress – of the dissolution planning effort, this site will provide updates, public meeting notices, and a means to contact the committee to share thoughts and suggestions.  

Process Requirements Explained

Following several questions concerning the lengthy process involved in creating and implementing a dissolution plan, Committee Chairman Sergei Bartishevich requested that the process required by the State be clarified.  

The chart below, provided as part of a training and information presentation by the New York State Department of State, explains the dissolution process. The step-by-step guide to fulfilling requirements also provides the necessary time-frames involved.  

Meet the Committee…

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Status Report

Committee Members

The Dissolution Committee encourages continued interest and participation in the dissolution planning process. While the Committee meetings have come to their conclusion, the Village Board will be discussing the plan and its implications in upcoming meetings.  Check the Village website for meeting information.

Earlier planning meetings conducted by the Committee were posted on, with access via links on this website (See Project Plan Page: Meeting Minutes and Videos).

For all public and general committee meetings, minutes were taken and are provided for review by the public on the “Plan Process” page of this website.

Plan Presented to Village Board

The Lyons Village Board held a special meeting on September 24 to receive, discuss, and consider the recently completed Dissolution Plan, Analysis and Alternatives.  

At the request of Mayor Kleisle, MRB Group consultants Diana Smith and Connie Sowards presented the plan, outlining the process, the committee’s recommendations, and the financial implications to taxpayers who reside in the Lyons community.

“We assisted the committee in drafting a document that we hope presents many difficult concepts and detailed information in an easy-to-read format,” said Smith.  

The plan can be read in its entirety here (by following the link). It includes service options considered, estimates of cost savings, estimates of one-time costs associated with the process and plan implementation, and the  tax rate impacts projected as a result of the

contemplated dissolution of the Village.  Also included are similar estimates for alternatives to dissolution.

Next steps for the Village Board include formally approving the proposed plan for review and comment by Lyons residents in a public hearing process.  Afterward, the Board may amend the document to incorporate suggested changes.  The plan must then be approved, in final form, by the Village Board.

Dissolution Plan Report 9-16-13.pdf

Village Board Amends, Approves Final Dissolution Plan

The Lyons Village Board met Monday, November 4, to discuss the dissolution plan presented to them by the Committee, and the community input provided at the Public Hearing which took place on October 28.

In a 4-0 vote, the proposed plan was amended, then approved by the Board of Trustees.  The amendments were recorded by MRB Group in an Addendum to the Dissolution Plan.  The Addendum outlines the Board’s changes to the plan, along with its estimates of the financial impact of those changes.  The document can be read in its entirety by following the link below.  

The Village has made the final, adopted plan available for residents to read and review on this website, on the Village website, and at Village Hall.

The Addendum